At Tuning Tree we believe you deserve the support you need to relieve pain, calm your mind and tune into your higher self.




Forest Trees

Yoga removes beliefs about your limits and tunes you into inner peace.

Yoga creates a beautiful balance of strength and flexibility within the body.


Yoga helps your mind be calm and focused, to be present, to enjoy challenges and to tap into your Higher Self.

Expert Therapy relieves pain, improves mobility and creates deep relaxation.

Therapy sessions at Tuning Tree are personalized to fit your needs at EVERY visit.

*   Massage Therapy

*   Physical Therapy 

*    Yoga Therapy         

Leave feeling at peace and empowered to achieve your goals in life.

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Anthony McMorran, LMT, RYT

Anthony won't talk much about his experience and training unless you ask him. Instead, he'll be focused on connecting with YOU and distilling 30 years of practice into a personalized session guiding you into deep rest and reset - undoing all those knots and patterns that don't serve you anymore.

He integrates myofascial release/DNM, self-regulation therapy, traditional massage and therapeutic exercise into his treatments.


Back Pain +

Stress-related conditions

Katie will help you get your body, your mind, and your soul back on track. She can help you if you're struggling to take steps toward your heart's calling.


Perfect for managers, business owners, parents and professionals, Katie offers  hands-on Physical Therapy, exercise instruction, and Healing Arts including Reiki to address your pain holistically. Plan to discuss the underlying currents of what else could be causing your issues. 


Back Pain + Women's Health

what clients will tell you..

Laura Lash

"Katie is able to hold space for any shift that you need - physical, emotional, mental. She is a competent and skilled professional caregiver. Her knowledge is a deep undercurrent in the approachable and respectful way she applies the healing arts. I 'm grateful to have her as a go to whenever I need help moving through something."

Jeff Hansen

"I have had treatments from four staff members at Tuning Tree. They have been knowledgeable, caring and gifted and the sessions were outstanding. The facility has a feeling of tranquility and you are warmly welcomed. I would recommend them to everyone."

Phillip Hoilien

 "This is the best "preventive medicine" that I know of for back pain relief, knee injury relief, and neck and shoulder pain. Anthony listens closely to your concerns and has an uncanny knack of addressing the issues. He also offers excellent suggestions for stretching exercises that can minimize future injury."

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