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Relieve Your Pain.

Calm Your Mind.

Tune in to your True Self.

Massage - Yoga - Wellness

Massage isn't about pampering you. Massage is a great way to reduce anxiety, aid with depression and reduce pain.  

Massage nourishes you, moves your tissues to improve your body and energy systems.

Yoga removes beliefs about your limits.

Yoga creates beautiful balance of strength and flexibility. 


Yoga helps your mind be calm and focused, to be present, to enjoy challenges and to tap into your True Self.

Coaching lets you be the leader of your life. 

Mindful Coaching brings more ease and joy to life. 

Coaching is designed not to tell you what to do, but to ask enough questions that YOU decide what's right for you. 

At Tuning Tree, we believe you deserve the Support you need

to find Peace of Mind and Connect to your True Self. 


We’ve been through our own trials of pain and anxiety and come out the other side which is why we’re a reliable guide for you! 

How to Get Started 

1. make aN


2. we'll create

a Personalized plan

Bring your stresses, worries, and aching bodies to a Free 20 Minute Consultation. We've helped thousands of clients, so you can be sure nothing will surprise us!

Whether you need massage, PT, coaching, or yoga, we'll let you know what we think is the best way for you to address your concerns.

3. Feel Better!

When you show up to your appointments, you take another step towards creating what you imagined for your life, AND you’ll ENJOY working towards it!

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