Heal your Body through Relaxation? Yes!

An essential component of the mind-body work I do involves activating the body’s “relaxation response.” The term “relaxation response” was coined by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School in the 1970’s to describe the opposite of the stress response or ”fight or flight” system of the body we are all so familiar with these days. At the time, it was a revolutionary scientific discovery to have evidence of how the mind can heal the body. That study demonstrated the mind and body are not separate entities as we often believe. So what happens when we relax? On a physical level, our parasympathetic nervous system is triggered. This is the ”rest and digest” system, which counteracts stress

Why Yoga?: May 6

My thoughts half way through yoga teacher training.. 6 months to go.. Every 2 weeks on Saturday morning at this point in the training while my husband is out teaching, I dread getting dressed, packing my diaper bag, my snacks, water bottle, usually coffee and rolling up my yoga mat to get to yoga teacher training because I am tired.. I am in the fire.. I wanted growth and boy am I getting what I asked for! Last fall, I wanted something to focus my energy on because I was afraid I might lose that core "inner Katie" as my second son came into the world. But, it turns out I DID want to spend energy on being a mom! A mom of a very talkative 3 year old, and a very peaceful yet nervous and wanti

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