Talking is Crucial

Today is the birthday of my grandfather who passed 9 years ago.. Even though it was a long time coming, it was still a surprise, as deaths always seem to be. During the holidays, we don't often acknowledge, honor and share memories of those who have gone before us. This fact is sad to me. Those people are pivotal for how we came to be at this very moment in life, shaping our world in a very small or big way. So, I invite you to attempt bringing up some memories to your loved ones this year. If the tears come, let them roll. You'll feel better as you let them go. We have a very special gift coming to Tuning Tree next month just in time for Christmas - a woman who specializes in grief and loss

Why Does Having the Flu Make Previous Injuries Hurt Worse?

I have a vested and timely interest in this topic, because I'm sitting here with a box of tissues, a cup of herbal tea, and a blood elderberry level over the legal limit, as I deal with a nasty late-fall cold. And I can also feel a couple of recent injuries, obtained through overuse and overzealous martial arts practice, more acutely than usual. This is above the usual attendant joint pains. Although pain is a complex thing to assess, I have some idea of why this might be happening in my case. It's a flare-up which is well-known to both science and many people who suffer from it. For one thing, it's extremely useful to realize that pain doesn't necessarily mean damage. Oftentimes, when pain

How much water do I really need?

A familiar comment we hear from clients in the clinic is "I am trying to drink a gallon of water" or " I am trying to drink more water." So that poses the question, how much water do you really need every day? The answer depends totally on what you're doing in terms of physical activity. It also depends on how much caffeine or alcohol you have regularly. A phrase popped into my mind the other day from my time on the crew team at University of Wisconsin. My coach reminded us regularly that "your pee should be clear." And there it was.. Clear pee. Super easy. No counting glasses or carrying a bottle with a certain amount. Just check your pee. And your poop too for that matter (more on poop a

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