Your Time Is Precious

Maybe it's a sign of my age, or maybe our attention span is getting shorter as a society, but it seems like every moment of life is becoming more and more precious. And I don't mean it the way Gollum did in Lord of the Rings, but by it's pure and clean meaning: something to be savored, valued and enjoyed. There are so many things we can choose from and we are bombarded and overwhelmed with the messages of sellers everywhere. How to sort what is right for us and what isn't? We started a weekly meditation circle here at Tuning Tree because moments of peace, breath and reflection are becoming more rare and, yes, well, precious as the pace of life increases. There is a broadway musical called St


My meditation teacher Swami Chidvilasananda said many years ago, "If you wait, you wait forever." Being a great procrastinator, I was miffed by this comment, saying to myself: I get stuff done eventually, I don't understand what she means. I get it now; waiting is a position, an attitude to life that goes beyond any single task or action. I've always seen myself as someone who prefers to be in the background. Defaulting to lying low, keeping the peace, seeing what happens, encouraging others to take the lead. It is a curling over the heart, not an opening of it. I've worked hard to accept but also to balance that tendency. Often it comes from a fear of making mistakes, of being "wrong", of

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