we have what you're looking for.. 

a calming space removed from daily life.. 

a relaxing & supportive hands-on treatment to fix aches and pains, in the body or the heart..

a place to vent, chat, & discuss difficulties in life.. 

a piece of jewelry or product to remind yourself you are loved! 

Shopping for you or mom? 


Give into unconditional love for Yourself and Others this month.

This beautiful bracelet designed by Silver & Sage Jewelry in Arizona symbolizes

Love, Faith, Charity, Peace & Self-Acceptance.


The April Full Moon was just in Scorpio. It's time to let go! 

CLEAR OUT THE OLD blocking you from self-acceptance with Dana.

Find Faith with a treatment to open up to possibility. 

Book an intuitive and 7th chakra balancing session with Katie. 

Allow a surrendering of Peace & Love.

Duree will take you on a journey to discover any lost qualities.

These treatments combined within a few months will transform you in ways you can't even begin to image. It's time to take care of you, now.

Book 1 Session this month & SAVE 20%

Book 3 Sessions now & receive a FREE bracelet!



Self-Care.. It's not something we talk about enough! Moms are supposed to be rockstars at everything, and if you

are doing your own thing, your own workouts, your own self-care, you can be viewed as selfish.


How can you make it past judgement? Know what YOU need & making it happen. Why? Because when MOMS thrive, children thrive. 


Honor yourself today by booking MOM time on your schedule.

We have multiple options! 

Need help deciding where to start? 

what's new!


Pick out your own favorite jewelry piece from Silver & Sage and send us the link! 

You'll receive 20% off + free shipping. Pick up in the store next week! :)


Kerri Kiernan from River Prairie Apothecary is working hard right now to deliver some new awesome looseleaf teas for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Menopausal Change Support.

2 week & Month Options

Available by May 12th! 

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