Are you looking to unload some stress or pain? You've come to the right place.


We help people every day find peace and joy through massage, yoga, and physical therapy. 

What you can expect on your first visit to Tuning Tree:


You'll know you've found the right place by the calming vibes. You will be greeted by a warm-hearted therapist who will show you where you can fill out a one page form and relax in our cozy waiting area. You'll be offered tea and water, be given a quick tour and your session will be begin by reviewing and discussing your form and goals. 


After a thorough chat, your therapist will offer a plan that they think would best suit you and you'll get started with treatment. At the end of the session, you can expect a few tips to keep you feeling better!  

We offer single sessions, plans and memberships. 

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We are located at 515 S. Barstow Street in Suite 117, just south of Acoustic Cafe, the new Tangled Up in Hue location, inside the Professional Building with Eliza Porter Photography, Property Shoppe Realty and the Legal Tender Coin shop.


2 hour parking is available on Barstow and side streets. You can often find a bunch of spaces available on Barstow within 1 block from us - in front of Brent Douglas Flowers (south of Lake St).  


We recommend comfortable clothes for every session to help you maintain feeling relaxed.

Have questions? Call 715-514-3700 or email us tuningtree@gmail.com