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Shoulder Stretch

Healthy Shoulders

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Online Classes for Mommas


This Three-part video series is designed to be watched in order:

1. Awareness

2. Acceptance

3. Action

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I am so sure that if you act on these three-part processes you will find your experience of life subtly (or not so subtly!) transformed

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Healthy, Happy Shoulders

This Shoulder Course is designed to get you out of the tension and pain you are experiencing. 

  • FOR pinching and pain from movement

  • FOR people with stiff shoulders from work

  • NOT FOR rotator cuff tear rehabilitation

Shoulder Stretch

It IS for people who have mild to moderate pinching with overhead motion, pain with reaching forward, across or behind. It IS for people who work in front of them throughout the day at a desk, over people, surgeons, dentists, hygienists, bodyworkers, IT workers. 


This course will lead you through practices to make space in your shoulder joint, improve shoulder blade movement (we’ll talk why this is important later), and give you a few exercises to retrain how you move to avoid further tension, referred pain, pinching and irritation.

Online Classes for Mommas

Online classes for future, new, and veteran moms! Katie offers assistance in relief during pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and mindfulness for parents and kids.

Pregnancy relief: A simple 3-Module Self-Paced Program designed to help you feel better during pregnancy. Go about your day with less back pain, sciatica and morning sickness.

Katie & Zane Baby doing Mom Yoga.jpg

Postpartum recovery:  A 6-week guiding program designed to be helpful, refreshing, and restorative on knowing how to best take care of yourself & your baby. 

Mindfulness for parents and kids: A weekly program designed to instill mindful habits that will help you to create a more mindful way of living, being, and loving each other.