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2. Acceptance

3. Action

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Healthy, Happy Shoulders

This Shoulder Course is designed to get you out of the tension and pain you are experiencing. 


It is NOT for people who have had a fall, accident, or other trauma to their shoulder in the last 3 weeks. It is NOT for people who have had a confirmed rotator cuff tear.


It IS for people who have mild to moderate pinching with overhead motion, pain with reaching forward, across or behind. It IS for people who work in front of them throughout the day at a desk, over people, surgeons, dentists, hygienists, bodyworkers, IT workers. 


This course will lead you through practices to make space in your shoulder joint, improve shoulder blade movement (we’ll talk why this is important later), and give you a few exercises to retrain how you move to avoid further tension, referred pain, pinching and irritation.



Included Videos: 


↠  Shoulder Blade (Scapular Motion) Check 

↠  Distal Upper Extremity (Forearm Motion) Check 


✓ Snow Angel Stretch

This is my favorite stretch that can also be turned into an exercise. It uses gravity to help you to put your bones back into the places where they are meant to be, it’s restorative, and invites you to surrender to the moment. 

✓ Seated Neck Stretch

Why stretch the neck? There are many muscles that run between the entire shoulder area and neck! If we loosen up some of those muscles, we can release the shoulders down and also see if the neck is contributing. 


✓ Seated Upper Back and Shoulder Blade Mobilizer (Cat / Cow) 

✓ Sphinx

✓ Standing Chest Stretch

✓ Functional Movement Towel Stretch

✓ Forearm Presses