It's an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Even choosing who to trust to help you with your pain, tension and stress can be a challenge. You just want what works. We've helped thousands of people experience less pain, more calm and supported them in connecting to their higher self. How can we serve you?

Katie mcmorran

Katie will help you get your body, your mind, and your soul back on track. She can help you if you're struggling to take steps toward your heart's calling.


Perfect for managers, business owners, parents and professionals, Katie offers  hands-on Physical Therapy, exercise instruction, and Healing Arts including Reiki to address your pain holistically. Plan to discuss the underlying currents of what else could be causing your issues. 


Back Pain + Women's Health

Anthony mcmorran

Anthony won't talk much about his experience and training unless you ask him. Instead, he'll be focused on connecting with YOU and distilling 30 years of practice into a personalized session guiding you into deep rest and reset - undoing all those knots and patterns that don't serve you anymore.

AMBEr nyen

Amber is the therapist you should go to if you are looking to get relief for a pain problem that has been getting you down. Headaches, back pain, hip aches, if you've got it she'll help it. Combining the best of medical massage and spa relaxation, you're in great hands.

LUCINDA kemmet

Lucinda will empower you on all levels to move towards the peace and joy that are your birthright. Whether you are looking for better movement, strength or balance in body and emotion, Yoga Therapy will help you achieve that. Respectful of all faiths and backgrounds, Lucinda will guide you to a deeper and more personal understanding of the power of yoga.

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