What to expect when you visit Tuning Tree:

You will be greeted by a heart-centered therapist.  You will know you're in the right place by the calm vibes. You will go home with self-care homework. 


You will come up with the root of your current issue through discussion of your history, combined with our years of experience, and our personal instincts. 

You will not be charged hidden fees. We feel the best tip is to refer a friend if you feel we helped you. No tips necessary, required or suggested.


Still not sure if we're right for you? 



We are located at 515 S. Barstow Street in Suite 117, just south of Acoustic Cafe, the new Tangled Up in Hue location, inside the Professional Building with Puckabees, Property Shoppe Realty and the Legal Tender Coin shop.


2 hour parking is available on Barstow and side streets. You can often find a bunch of spaces available on Barstow within 1 block from us - in front of Brent Douglas Flowers (south of Lake St).  


We recommend comfortable clothes for every session to help you maintain feeling relaxed. Some hands-on treatments will need access to see and work on a "problem" area on your body. We often will offer a suggestion for a stretch or exercise to assist in maintaining the work at the end of each session, so you will want to be able to non-ripping pants for instance :) 

What to expect during each service: 

AMMA - fully clothed, lying on massage table

Integrated Manual Therapy - depending on what style of treatment your therapist offers for your session, see other descriptions
Myofascial Release - undress to your comfort level (draped under a sheet and blanket on a massage table)

Reiki - fully clothed, lying on massage table

Rolfing - comfortable clothes / sports bra and shorts, lying on massage table 

Prenatal/Postpartum - undress to your comfort level (draped under a sheet and blanket on a massage table)

Coaching - fully clothed, seated in chairs

Self-Regulation Therapy -  fully clothed, seated in chairs


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515 South Barstow Suite 117 

Downtown EC 54701