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We Make This Choice Every Day

What is top of mind is a constant choice, all the time, every day. There are always a whole host of thoughts clamoring to take top position in the flurry of a day, a week, a life. Do we place with intention and care the thoughts that reflect our values and highest vision of ourselves in the forefront of our mind? Or we at the mercy of our thoughts, hoping that a positive or useful one will take the top spot, eventually?

Let's break it down to a simple choice, and we've heard it before so often that we might be numb to the concept or not sure how to make it practical moment to moment:

We can choose love or fear.

This choice isn't really binary though. We can be in love while we are experiencing fear. Also, we don't have to repress fear, worried that it will quench love.

Here's how:

1. At any moment, hit "pause" and notice the contents of your thoughts.

2. Take a deep breath and notice how your body feels.

3. Think of someone that you love, or an experience that filled you with gratitude and appreciation.

4. Hold that in your mind and take another breath.

5. Carry on.

Sound too simple? The point is that our mind will always be able to find and chew on thoughts that create fear. Battling the worried and fearful thoughts won't work - let them be. But when we make the choice to turn our attention to what we love or appreciate, our experience of the moment is instantly transformed. As we practice, we will fail (that is why it's called practice!) but don't let that be a reason to allow stressful thinking to consume you. It is the nature of the mind to think thoughts, let's use that tool for the highest good of ourselves and those around us.

Fear creates tension and triggers the body's stress response so addressing it is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Want help with that? It's what we do all day, we're here for you.

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