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How much water do I really need?

A familiar comment we hear from clients in the clinic is "I am trying to drink a gallon of water" or " I am trying to drink more water." So that poses the question, how much water do you really need every day?

The answer depends totally on what you're doing in terms of physical activity. It also depends on how much caffeine or alcohol you have regularly.

A phrase popped into my mind the other day from my time on the crew team at University of Wisconsin. My coach reminded us regularly that "your pee should be clear." And there it was.. Clear pee. Super easy. No counting glasses or carrying a bottle with a certain amount. Just check your pee. And your poop too for that matter (more on poop another day!).

Some people drink water to suppress their appetite. Others drink water to help cleanse their body after hands-on or energetic treatments or after a hard workout. The bottom line is "your pee should be clear."


1. Check the toilet after urinating.

2. When you notice yellow urine in the toilet, drink more water.

3. Always listen to your body - if you are thirsty, drink more water.

[Note: often pee will still be clear while drinking alcohol for a while]

[Note: your pee may be a distinct color after taking vitamins. keeping an eye on this regularly will allow you to not be thrown off! :) ]

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