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Talking is Crucial

Today is the birthday of my grandfather who passed 9 years ago.. Even though it was a long time coming, it was still a surprise, as deaths always seem to be.

During the holidays, we don't often acknowledge, honor and share memories of those who have gone before us. This fact is sad to me. Those people are pivotal for how we came to be at this very moment in life, shaping our world in a very small or big way. So, I invite you to attempt bringing up some memories to your loved ones this year. If the tears come, let them roll. You'll feel better as you let them go.

We have a very special gift coming to Tuning Tree next month just in time for Christmas - a woman who specializes in grief and loss of family members and pets, among many other things. Dana will be available starting Monday, December 4th, and every Monday afternoon after that! Yay! If you want to meet her in person, come to Feel Good Fridays: Restore Your Energy on December 15th.

We're aware that holidays can be a really hard time of the year for some people, so please, get the support you need rather than turning to the outlet you always reach for, be it sugar, alcohol, or another crutch. Dana is here to listen and help, with experience losing her mother, pets, and life partner through divorce. She has been uprooted in life and she knows how to help you find your roots again.

Ready to Talk to someone? Schedule with Dana now.

Don't live in Eau Claire? Dana is available via phone and Skype as well. Book now

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