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The Tides of Life, Finding Your Rhythm

I’ve never really considered the tides. Growing up in Wisconsin, I’ve never been a sailor, surfer, fisherwoman or clam-digger like my husband, who grew up on the shores of British Columbia.  

Today, I had a realization about life when I witnessed the beach at the peaks of the tides: days can look the same but feel totally different at the same time

This is Playa Guinoes, in Nosara Costa Rica at 5:30am. This beach looks nothing like 11:30am beach. The 5:30amish beach had pelicans diving for food, runners getting out before the high sun, surfers catching certain waves (I won’t even begin to speak about this because I am so clueless and it’s an entire study!), motorcycles carrying people on their way to work (chainsaw in hand), fishermen & dogs frolicking along with their owners, in and out of the water. This firm beach foundation is great for all of these activities & the constant high rolling waves churned up the fish to the top just right for fishing.   

The 11:30am beach was soggy and silky, went on for ages, had little swimming snail-like creatures all over, and had also plenty of surfers (but a different crowd), and was perfect for the little kiddos. 

So, back to the tides.. why should we crazy stoic people who live in extremely cold and inland areas like Wisconsin, care about the tides? Because it’s easy to forget that we are connected to the Earth, the moon, the tides and the ways of the universe sometimes. We are used the the seasons changing quarterly but often just lump the months together rather than evaluating changes monthly (women: ahem, ahem) and dare I challenge us to evaluate daily changes!  

The moon cycles are not something only weird people get into.. they are something that some people and animals depend on for daily living. The interactions of the Moon and Earth affect the tide, and thus, the surf. 

[Sidenote: Ask any hospital, and you’ll find many babies are born around New Moons and Full Moons.]

Here, in Costa Rica, surfers and fishermen rely on knowing the times of high tides and low tides. Their livelihood and safety depend on knowing these changes.  

Back to you: Winter is the time to be still, allow silence & see what arises to be created in spring. There is still plenty of time before the Spring Equinox occurs for a quarterly re-evaluation to create stillness. 

Time to determine your daily rhythm.. 

Pay attention to your energy for the next 3 days and jot a few notes down. This will help you find your inherent rhythm. When do you have energy? When do you NOT have energy during the day? Write it down. 

Feeling not quite like yourself? 

Do your self-care! If you don’t, you won’t find the stillness you need to create the vacuum for ideas to come in to your awareness and conscious mind. Be okay with having different energy levels throughout your day.  When you’re still - sitting on the couch or in meditation or sitting over a lovely coffee, wait for an urge to move you. If you wait long enough, you’ll remember the next task on your list or something you had forgotten and you’ll be able to prioritize more easily. Trust in the waiting game! ;) 

Next Up: We’ll get in tune with nature’s rhythm and your rhythm! 

Message us if you’re feeling lost or want more guidance ;) 

Reminder! Self-Care can be anything! 

A morning cup of coffee



Getting/Doing your own pedicure

Standing in the sun for 5 minutes



Taking a walk in Nature


Energy Healing 

Watching birds 

Talking with a friend 

Enjoying a great meal

SO many things! 

Fill in the blank for you! _______________

Wishing you days of stillness to find your true rhythm again, your inner compass :) Follow that direction! We’re all so different. 

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