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Commitment = Freedom

Seems strange to say that when you commit to something, when you say YES to one thing and sacrifice all your other options, that the result is FREEDOM, but yes, that is the case.

I learned it at a gathering of 65 men, a big circle of men committed to being better, to living authentically, to making a difference. Near the end of the weekend a man stepped forward and delivered this truth and it hit home for me. It hit home because I had just asked Katie to marry me a few weeks earlier. I t happened just after I decided to change my whole life and live in the USA. And I never felt freer.

You see, when you say YES to one thing, all those other things, the other choices, the endless array of choices, well, they disappear. You are left with a crystal clear mind because it is untroubled by what COULD be because you have decided what WILL be.

The word decide comes from the root "to die". Sounds heavy but to decide something means that all those other things die and you give all your energy and lifeforce to that which serves you best, to what your heart is in, to your highest purpose.

Seems these days that CHOICE is highly rated, like the more choices you have the better off you are.

Well, have you ever sat down with a great idea to investigate at the computer and got lost in all of those choices only to end up doubting your original intent and spending your energy , no WASTING your energy entertaining all those things that COULD be but don't serve you because you forgot about what your heart wants, what your soul is pointed to?

Katie and I just committed to hosting our first yoga retreat and it's a pretty big deal, at least to us!

We've been teaching continuing education in Costa Rica for years and teaching yoga in Eau Claire for a few less years. It's time now to combine the things we love to do and commit to that.

I feel free.I feel focused. My mind is settled on what we want to give YOU, our clients and students. It's focused on what we love and to share with others. We are committing to let go of limiting thoughts and focus on what is positive, helpful and true within us.

You see, committing actually helps to get yourself out of the way, to instead surrender to the natural force of energy that drives you to do what feels right, rather than what you think you SHOULD do...and what is freer than that?!

Yup! We could lose money. Yes, maybe no-one will come. Uh-huh, maybe it will be very confronting and challenging in some way that we haven't envisioned....

So the lesson of commitment continues. For how long? Well, am I still alive?!

What advice could I humbly offer, in case you are commitment-averse? (I've heard it said that men are like that but it ain't true :-)

Well, I like to think about the moment of death and ask myself if I would be glad I did whatever it is, when I look back during the "final review". Does it fit with what I wanted most from my short life?

I also ask myself, If I had no "considerations" or "sensible" thoughts, would I do it?

Does it serve my highest good and vision of myself?

We always have the choice to let fear, excuses and the dictates of what is considered "normal in our society.

I choose to follow my soul's call. To roam the sacred space of the heart.

To choose things that will help me laugh, enjoy, contribute and grow.

I hope you will join us on this adventure. And maybe in that process find yourself in Costa Rica.

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