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Your Time Is Precious

Maybe it's a sign of my age, or maybe our attention span is getting shorter as a society, but it seems like every moment of life is becoming more and more precious. And I don't mean it the way Gollum did in Lord of the Rings, but by it's pure and clean meaning: something to be savored, valued and enjoyed.

There are so many things we can choose from and we are bombarded and overwhelmed with the messages of sellers everywhere. How to sort what is right for us and what isn't?

We started a weekly meditation circle here at Tuning Tree because moments of peace, breath and reflection are becoming more rare and, yes, well, precious as the pace of life increases.

There is a broadway musical called Stop the World I Want To Get Off, but unless you are training to be an astronaut we are all firmly entrenched here on Earth. Meditation is a stop to things, a pause, and a dive into inner bliss, if we take the time to do it. Yoga is a way to honor and make precious our moment to moment experience. And the ability to travel (especially in the winter! ;-) is a precious gift.

Isn't that the key: we become what we repeat and we make time for what we deem important. What is precious and important to you? For real? Not your duties, what you should do, your habits and patterns....but what is precious to your heart, to your soul.....

I spent many years as a people pleaser with an underlying anxiety that stemmed from the belief that somehow I owed my life to someone. Now, of course in some ways I owe my life to all who have gone before to create the world I live in, and more directly to my parents who made me. And some would say that we owe our life to God or a higher power.

But now my tendency to people please isn't such an oppressive and powerful force. This is my body, my mind, my precious time. As I talked about in my last blog post "waiting", the moment of death is a breath away and I want to meet that moment with the feeling that I lived to the fullest. That I treasured my time, my relationships, my choices in a way that I can be at peace with in the end.

So now I want to talk about Costa Rica because there are many things there that I find precious: the unspoiled beaches, friendly people, dry tropical forest and fresh food, to name a few.

Like yoga, I started exploring this beautiful part of our planet many years ago, and it somehow feels like home to me. Yoga is like that too, my practice takes me inside to the home in my heart, away from the buzz and distraction of the "default" world.

I like to say that the Nicoya Peninsula and especially Nosara, encourages the exale as there is a softening, a letting go, a self acceptance that I experience when I am there.

It's not like escaping the world, it is being engaged with it in a new and better way. Same with yoga; when I practice I move into deeper awareness and self-acceptance. It's not a way to make the world "go away" it is a way for me to live more fully in it.

I am glad that my travels to Costa Rica aren't really an escape because if it was it would be really depressing coming home. But it's not like that. I try to bring the Pura Vida (pure life) vibe back with me. When I get off my yoga mat or get up from a good sleep or meditation, I am better for it, I bring the good stuff with me.

I'd love to share these precious things with you, if you want them. Reach out to us and let's make it happen!

Plan now for next winter and make fun, sun and yoga bliss a reality.

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