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Indulgence: "to allow the pleasure of allowing yourself...."

By now you may have heard about a yoga retreat we’re offering in Costa Rica January 26th - February 2nd, 2019 and you may have said something to yourself like this:

  1. “I can’t afford that."

  2. “I can’t justify being away from work.”

  3. “My yoga’s not good enough.”

  4. “Traveling makes me nervous.”

  5. “I have people to take care of, it’s irresponsible to leave them and go on vacation.”

  6. "That’s indulgent."

Most of the things I have done in my life that were worthwhile were accompanied by inner resistance when I first contemplated them. Resistance is a natural process that helps me discover if change really is right for me. Resistance has me examine what risks and benefits lie in the direction I am contemplating. It challenges me to expand what I consider possible for myself and my life. If I examine it closely I always discover that it’s roots are in fear or anxiety.

After all, change is stressful, even if it is positive or desirable change. We have a natural desire for regularity and constancy. Our bodies are even set up this way wth consistent temperature, blood pressure and pH not to mention the habits of regular life that are necessary: sleeping, eating, etc.

Contemplation ( in yoga, called Svādhyāya ) is the key to discerning where the edge is between growth and stability, between change that serves and change that doesn’t.

In this light, I encourage you to spend a few moments NOW, check into your deepest sense of yourself as you consider this opportunity. If, below the chatter of the monkey-mind, you hear “YES!” - I’m ready to dive into my yoga practice and soak up a week of rest and rejuvenation a week in Nosara, Costa Rica, then let us help you get there and make it a reality!

The Guilded Iguana is a boutique hotel with limited space so LET US KNOW by AUGUST 1ST if you want to come! We hope to share this incredible experience with you.

Wishing you an ever-expanding life,

Anthony McMorran, RYT, BCMTB

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