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What are "Intuitive Readings" and why would you want one?

Learning to listen to the intuition is a practiced skill, not the gift for a chosen few.

My Mom told me when I was a kid to listen to my intuition, that “small voice inside”, and if I didn’t it would get harder to hear. Turns out that it is like everything else, we have to practice to develop the skill.

Think of the ocean: the waves on the surface are the conscious mind - the thoughts and feelings that we are aware of. Underneath these are the currents and riptides, our unconscious mind - the thoughts and feelings that are under our immediate awareness but are very powerful controllers and movers. Listening to this level connects us to “what we don’t know that we know”, the wisdom of our lived but forgotten experiences. Deeper still are the large sea changes, the submarine currents, which reflect the collective unconscious, the forces our ancestry, genetic code and patterns. Some would call this the soul.

Intuitive tools, like the Tarot, are access points to help us dive into these deeper waters, to explore the movements and forces at play deep within us. As our awareness of these forces ignites, we are then empowered to make more conscious and purposeful decisions and actions - those that align with our highest values and vision.


Intuitive readings should be designed and dedicated to your empowerment and to strengthening a conscious connection to your own intuition.

Have you been to an intuitive reader who made pronouncements about what would, or wouldn’t be in your future?

WE are the designers and experiencers of our life. An objective intuitive person can help you see the patterns and tendencies that lie in your unconscious but they can’t tell you what will happen - that is up to you.

Coming to a reading with a question, intention or issue is good. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. That being said, each reading may uncover deep patterns that are at play in any question, even if it is about something that is concrete and down-to-earth, like a house, job, or relationship. In this way we can bring the highest level of awareness to all of our decisions. We have all heard that the solution to a problem cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created it. We need to access different resources. These resources lie within us. There is no issue or problem in our life that is bigger than us. We are equal to them, and often they are the guide to new ways of thinking and feeling that expand our life in ways we could never have considered if we never had that “problem”.

Carl Jung, one of the fathers of psychotherapy said that “dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.”: that the imagery and content of dreams can guide us to a deep and rich understanding of ourselves and towards actualizing our true potential. He also used the I Ching, which, like the Tarot, is an ancient form of divination (intuitive reading) that originated in China. He wrote about the value of the practice as a way to access the collective unconscious through the phenomenon of synchronicity. I suspect that the collective unconscious is intimately related to our genetics and to the science of epigenetics.

Practical Stuff

Readings last about 45 minutes and sometimes include some follow-up via email if anything still requires completion or more clarity. You are an active participant in the process as you to contemplate the cards and images that come up. Using my study and knowledge of the Tarot (I started when I was 16), we will flesh out the symbols and meaning of the cards to find it’s connection to your particular issue or question. You will learn and practice recognizing how you know when something is intuitively correct by using principles of the self-regulation. We will not get lost or sidetracked with unnecessary conjecture or theorizing, always bringing our focus to self-understanding and action. In this way the readings have immediate and practical impact. Leave feeling more connected to your own inner knowing, with new tools and insight to make the changes you need, to move into your highest potential.

Readings are available in person at Tuning Tree in downtown Eau Claire or via video call anywhere in the world for $85USD. Use code GROW to get 25% off your first reading

Will this be another good idea that you will "do later" or will you seize the day?

Book it here, now.

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