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Prepare for Deeper Meditation with Intuitive Asana

You may notice that some days your meditation feels deep and nourishing and some days it feels so hard to sit still, let alone focus the mind. The truth is that every day we come to our practice with a different body and a different mind. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a better meditation is to move your body—this is especially important if you sit at a desk for most of the day. To tune the needs of your body I love to teach what I call Intuitive Asana—a guide to exploring pre-meditation movements.

Intuitive Asana

  1. Center yourself by following the breath up and down the spine. Inhale awareness from the base of the spine to the top of your head. Exhale awareness back down to tailbone. Repeat for several rounds of breath.

  2. Ask yourself, "what does my body need right now?"

  3. Listen for a response from a certain area of your body.

  4. If you don’t get a response right away, start some joint movement to gain awareness.

  • Circle the head super slowly to check in with neck.

  • Shoulder circles.

  • Hands on shoulders, circle the elbows to explore the range of motion in the shoulders. BREATHE

  • Wrist circles.

  • I love to add massage to this! Massage and circle one wrist at a time.

  • Spinal movements from Seated or Table top. Inhale backbend (cow), Exhale (cat) round the back

  • Legs. Lay on back.

  • Circle ankles.

  • Bend knee and circle the lower leg to wake up the knee.

  • Circle the whole leg, bent knee, to awaken hip.

  1. What was the most tight, sensitive, or sore?

  2. Spend some more time moving intuitively in that area. Practice self-study. Become the scientist of your own body. What feels good?

A few safety notes on your Intuitive Asana:

The biggest note for safety has to do with pulling in the joints and tendons. When you are stretching it’s important to notice when there is pulling near the joints. It’s actually a very subtle experience so it may not hurt or even be very uncomfortable, but if you notice it and make adjustments early on you won’t have to deal with injury further into your practice.

Be cautious of locking elbows when you are on your hands and locking knees when you are standing.

Maybe solitude and quiet call out to you. Maybe you would like to put on some tunes and move intuitively with the music. No matter what just make it your own and have fun!!

Even just 30 seconds of cat/cow tilts can center you into the breath and body and allow you to sit still with ease Try incorporating movement before your meditation this week and see the results of sadhana, spiritual practice—the practice is the reward.

Michelle Anthony, RYT500

Do you want more information about this or to be guided through it in person? Book a session or series of sessions with her online or in person at Tuning Tree

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