Mindfulness tunes you in, 

so you can focus on what really matters.

Are you a Millenial or Care Giver who'd like to clear out mental clutter and connect to your purpose... get focused on your core values and live the life you've always wanted? Want to complete that in three months? Let's do it!

Do any of these stories sound familiar?

Do you need clarity? Do you wish you had an inner compass that always guided you to your true north?


Family Struggle and Decision - Making

Joel is recent graduate with a Masters degree in Geography. He has several job offers all which sound good. His parents want him to take one job and his girlfriend wants him to take the one that will keep them together. He can’t decide which path to take and what is best for his future.

Are you tired of doing what's "right" and losing yourself in the process? What would you do instead?


Long Hours, Feeling Depleted 

Brittany is a medical assistant that does shift work in a busy hospital. The benefits are great and she likes the people she works with but her health seems to be giving her more trouble lately and she is having a hard time getting motivated to do things on the weekend or keeping up her friendships. She knows she needs to make some changes but doesn't know where to start.

Do you wonder what happened to your dreams? Do you wish you had the curiosity and enthusiasm you used to?


Job Frustrations after College

Ben is a salesman in a computer store and even though he has a college degree he can’t seem to get a better job. He seems to get angry a lot and distracts himself from moving forward with his life by playing too many video games and having one-night stands that make him feel even worse. He used to have a real dream about what he could do with his life but now he wonders “what's the point?” 

Do you have trouble letting go of the past? do old hurts and traumas disturb your ability to be in the moment?


Coping after Divorce

Emily is a massage therapist who has had a very successful career but recently went through a divorce which threw her life into chaos. She is finding it hard to focus at work and is losing her compassion for her clients - after all, her problems seem bigger than theirs! She’s been having a hard time sleeping as she keeps going over in her mind what happened at the end of the relationship and blaming herself for the break-up. At the same time she can’t seem to let go of listing all her ex’s faults. She knows she has to move on but can’t seem to, even though the divorce was a year ago.

Are you feeling the power of emotions? do you feel like they are inviting you into a new way of being? Is transformation afoot?


Dealing with Emotion

Sean has success in his work, a great relationship with his wife, hobbies that he likes and lots of friends. Even with all this success he often has an empty feeling in his stomach and wakes up in the night in a sweat and a panic. During yoga classes he sometimes has a lot of emotion come up that he stuffs down but it is getting harder to hide it. He knows something is happening but he doesn’t know what it is and wonders why he can’t just be happy.

Could you relate to any situation above?
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In the Mindfulness Coaching Program, we'll establish your top 2-3 core values and make living about what matters. You'll learn mindfulness tools and apply them to the things that really matter to you one-at-a-time.  


I know you have the answers inside of you. You can be sure I'll be by your side to help you find them.

Anthony McMorran, Mindfulness Coach 


How long is the program?   

3 Months

How long have you been studying Mindfulness?     

Over 3 decades

How do I know this will work for me?  

You don't. But I have been coaching people in health, running, and lifestyle for 30 years and I know how to break it down into achievable steps. The questions is "Are you READY for change?"  I think you are if you found your way here.