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Healing comes in layers & time.  

When you choose therapy at Tuning Tree, you'll feel supported to be yourself and connect to your purpose.

Massage + Physical Therapy 

Vibrational + Ayurvedic Therapy 


Massage Therapy isn't a luxury or a special gift, it's self-care at its best because it works when you come in regularly. You have someone who knows you, who gets you, who recognizes if something's up. 

myofasical Release


Strain/ Counterstrain 

Lymphatic Drainage

1-Hour of Massage Therapy $90

Ask us about our Massage Membership! Just $75/month

Head Massage


Katie will use a combination of techniques to address your goals for your session ie physical pain, stress relief, emotional processing. She may include but is not limited to Guided Visualization, Energy Healing, Massage, Myofascial Release, Physical Therapy


Reiki Treatment


This 60 or 90-minute mindful massage addresses each body part repeatedly to fully relax the nervous system using Ayurvedic oils suited specifically to balance your whole body and mind, will leave you feeling calmer than you have been in days, and will continue to have lasting effects long after your session.

$250/ 90 Minutes

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Reiki is an ancient energy healing art to restore the body's innate natural energy flow.  Reiki helps to relax the mind, decrease stress, and assist in the body's natural healing processes. It can also help facilitate a deeper connection with the Self as it clears chakras and opens the opportunity to listen to your inner voice


Vibrational Therapy with Sound Tools




Reiki Treatment