We help women through all stages of life.

Girl | Woman | Mother | Grandmother

Every woman can benefit from support regardless of what media says and portrays. 

{Depression, Grief, Overwhelm, Trauma, Day-to-Day Stresses}

It's time for the self-care you deserve!

Teens - Twenties

Adjusting to hormones and changes, whoa!

There are so many demands these days in this world all while your body continues changing and growing toward womanhood. 

Whether you have things going on at home, school, with your parents, your partner, or you need support around body changes, or anything else, we want to listen and offer guidance! Tell us what's up.

Are you expecting? 

Make your Birth plan AND your Self-Care plan 

As you start to make plans for your new baby, your life can take a backseat! This is normal and natural. It is so easy to lose yourself in planning, yet right now is the IDEAL time to create a SELF-CARE routine!


Make the time in your schedule now so when the baby comes, you have plenty of ENERGY and LOVE to take care of the baby, in the way you want to parent!

New Baby!

Congratulations! What a life change, eh?!

Babies are miracles, no doubt. But, they can't do anything for themselves! So, if you are feeling (more than a little) tired, resentful, angry, overwhelmed, or depressed because your world has flipped upside down, that's TOTALLY NORMAL! 

Let us give you a bit of YOU back when you step away from baby (even if you feel like you can't unattach yourself!) for a short time. You'll be happy you took the time out. We have new mom sessions (for healing every time a baby is born).

Growing Families

Parenting is a personal growth opportunity!

As your family transitions and adds 1 or more family members, there are so many new relationships to foster!


New beings bring new energy into the house, along with new demands, new frustrations.


In order to maintain the best version of yourself as a mom, partner, businesswoman, neighbor, or other title, take time for you. Massage, venting, problem-solving, mindfulness.. all allowed & included. Tell us what's on your mind & we'll send you a game plan. 

Exercise + Age

Staying active might look different as you age.

Whether you now have time to exercise now and never did before due to kids in school, empty-nesting, or less time at work, your body might need a different kind of support. 

Always been a runner? It's time to find the balance in your body, so that your body doesn't create imbalance in your life. 


Stay young as long as you can! 

Now that you have little ones to look after much later in life, you might be surprised how much 

Kids have SO much to learn so modeling boundaries, speaking your mind clearly & kindly. You might be also taking care of your parent? That's so much. 

Make sure you maintain priorities for yourself! Come for personalized yoga sequence, tips on mindfulness or meditation, or soothe aches & pains after hustling after those little ones!